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Maintenance and Repair / Lifting a Lark (Jacking etc)
« Last post by Lark17 on July 25, 2017, 09:27:45 AM »

(warned you the questions would be coming soon!)  I need to get the weight off the wheels to inspect the oleos and wheel alignment.

Thanks to this site, I've found the quaint and excellent rigging manual for the PQ8, so I know that 'Station 91' is a good starting point.  However, the text implies there should be jacking points 'attached' to the wing.  On my Lark, there is no break in the canvas/wood to attach a tool, nor markings to confirm where station 91 is. Can a jack just be placed under the wings without any attachment?  I'd be very worried about slipping...

A friend (non-aviation engineer) has suggested knocking up something to attach to the metalwork around the main gear mounting points.

I'd also like to get the aircraft stable on saw horses or similar, but again, there are no clear details of where they can be safely placed (just a very small illustration of the wing rigging process, with the weight of only the fuselage+engine on the stands).

Can anyone provide any more ideas/solutions for jacking the Lark? 
Culver General Discussion / Re: Hello from the other side
« Last post by AndreasKonzelmann on July 24, 2017, 02:24:26 PM »
Hello to UK!

Welcome! There are two Culver Cadet flying in Germany, N25U (that's me) and N24R. As I know, there is another one in UK, but not flying at the moment.
Another Question: Is anywhere visiting Oskosh 17 this week? I will be there Friday and Saturday.

Culver General Discussion / Hello from the other side
« Last post by Lark17 on July 22, 2017, 02:39:25 PM »
Hello folks,

I'm new here, thought I'd better introduce myself before I start asking too many questions!

My name is Ben and I've just become the proud owner of Lark No.17, G-LARK, based in Wales, UK.  This is the first aircraft I've owned outright (I've had shares in a Jodel and two RVs over the last 15 years), and the first that has had the steering wheel at the wrong end.  But I couldn't resist the shape of the wings and fell in love at first sight.

Culver General Discussion / Re: What Prop do you use
« Last post by Keith U. on July 22, 2017, 09:28:04 AM »
taxied last week under its own power, first time since 1972. 
Maintenance and Repair / Re: carburator
« Last post by Tim Lunceford on July 19, 2017, 11:29:45 AM »
Do you have a part number?  I have a carburetor that is suppose to be for the 80 hp Franklin.  It still has the tag on it.    Tim
Maintenance and Repair / carburator
« Last post by Bill Geipel on July 15, 2017, 06:16:42 AM »
New owner of a Cadet. 80 hp Franklin. Need a serviceable carburetor.
Maintenance and Repair / LCA exhaust
« Last post by Keith U. on July 06, 2017, 02:31:21 PM »
To make the exhaust for my LCA,  I tried some off the shelf stacks from an Aeronca Chief, but did not like the exit point.  Rather than modify it, I took Service Memo #7 off from Bill's site, took some pvc, made a mock up and sent it to Dawley Aviation, Burlington, WI.  They tack welded a pair out of stainless steel, then sent to me to test fit.  All was good so they finished welded it.  Its as close to original as I could get.  The carb heat shroud is a modified Cessna part, the cabin heat is the same, but I am not real confident the cabin heat will work with out forced air.  Final length will be trimmed after cowling is fit.  Its been exhausting.
Culver General Discussion / Re: What Prop do you use
« Last post by Keith U. on June 29, 2017, 10:46:28 AM »
70A-54, I will give a flight report hopefully this summer.
Culver General Discussion / Re: What Prop do you use
« Last post by Woody on June 21, 2017, 10:46:31 PM »
Hi Joe,
 I was sure hoping for more speed from the 70x54 Sen. prop and a 90 HP Franklin engine.  I guess a better gas per miles would be the real test though.  I'm now down to one more wing to then put fabric on  the fuselage.  After 45 years I need some tail wheel time also!
Culver General Discussion / Re: What Prop do you use
« Last post by JoeB on June 19, 2017, 08:18:07 PM »
Franklin 4AC199 with a W70AB54
It's been a while since I've flown the Culver but as I remember the cruise was around 115-120 mph.  I also can not remember the climb rate but it got in and out of short grass airstrips real well.
I really need to find some time to dedicate to the Culver and put some more hours on her.  Think we could get a couple up to Oshkosh next year?
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